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Here's my patch based on a sketch the great Joe Johnston did for me.

If you'd like to trade or buy one, please contact me.

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Collecting Highlights

My 'Ewok wall': Vintage Ewok MOCs and Ewok multi-packs , a diorama of loose Ewok action figures , life-size Ewok mother with baby and three multi-signed Ewok autographs (one framed 16x20 inch Ewok CS piece signed by 28 Ewok actors and two framed 11x14 pictures with 10 respectively 9 Ewok signatures). I'm pretty proud of this. 


Signed Ewok artworkby Joe Johnston made especially for me - love it!

A great custom made George Lucas in Carbonite. Looks really cool!

George Lucas answering to my 'Through The Mail' autograph request in 1987. Find this autograph in the 'Multi signed' and 'G - L' sections of my Star Wars autographs. Also look for the letter coming with this success from 'Judy Niles' in the 'M - R' section. I tried again in 1996 and 2008, but without success. See the failure letters from Lucasfilm's Anne Merrifield in the 'M - R' section.

Longest wait for an autograph: Avery Brooks as Cpt. Benjamin Sisko from Deep Space Nine: Wrote him during season two and received an answer one year after the end of season eight. Eight years! Imagine how surprised I was, when I opened that letter!!

Seeing Patrick Stewart (Cpt. Jean-Luc Picard) live on stage in New York performing a One-Man-Show of Charles

Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'. Just amazing!!!

Meeting Mark Dermul (The Autograph Bounty Hunter) at Celebration Europe and Jedi Con 2008. Meeting new friends is always a great aspect of collecting! Find pictures of Mark and me here .

About me

I've been a Star Wars fan since I was a little boy receiving a video tape of the first movie as a gift from a neighbour.

That tape is still in my possesion but is no good any more as I played it over and over for at least twice a week for about

a year (yes, I can still quote every dialogue in English and German) and it promted me to start buying the vintage Kenner

toys, later followed by autographs when I was old enough to write to my stars in English.

This site will give you a very nice overview over my entire collection and I hope you'll enjoy it. Just browse through the

categories on the right. =>


What kind of a name is Ewok-Lover for a web-site? you might ask

Well, I loved these little fur-balls since I first saw "Return of the Jedi" (my first movie to be watched in theatres) and I still do.

You will find out about that while browsing through my collection...  ;o)

Also, a friend of mine calls me Ewok-Lover from time to time, so I thought I'll stick with that name.

And I can tell you, there are a lot more Ewok lovers around, as you can see:

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Star Wars toys»

Take a look at my mainly vintage Kenner 1977-1985 toys.

Star Wars Original Trilogy autographs»

Very few were collected in the mid 80s but most are dated 2007 and later. Sorted by actor's last name (Look for George Lucas in the 'L' section for example).

Star Wars Celebration IV autographs»

A complete set of the MPX autographs from the 30th anniversary Convention in LA.


Ewok autographs»

Well, this page is named Ewok-Lover...


V autographs»

A great TV show from the 80s. And now also brand-new from the 2010s.  See my few autographs here.

Babylon 5 autographs»

The greatest Sci-Fi TV show!

Star Trek autographs»

Yes, I do like this show, too.

Misc. autographs»

Mainly autographs from my teenage days in the 80s and 90s plus a few current ones.


Here you'll find a few pictures taken by me and friends of mine at Conventions I attended.

Stars signing»

Here you'll find a few pictures of the stars signing autographs taken by friends of mine and me.